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Coffeeville Day

Coffeeville One Community:

Together we can make a difference

“The greatness of a community is most accurately measured by the compassionate actions of its members.” ~Coretta Scott King

Coffeeville One Community is 1 people with 1 hope, 1 purpose, 1 vision, and 1 major goal enhanced by 1 person, YOU.

Contact us using we would love to hear from you!

Our Mission

To promote and acquire resources through economic development strategies that will enhance the quality of life for the citizens of Coffeeville and the surrounding communities.

Our Purpose

To work in the initiation, promotion, as well as participation in the identification and acquisition of community improvement and community development opportunities with the mayor and town council of Coffeeville. Serving as an organization of committed individuals dedicated to community improvements for an enhanced quality of life in the town of Coffeeville and surrounding


Board Officers 2022 – 2023

Brady Kiel – Co-Chair

Sherman Goodman – Co-Chair

Lavergne Beyer – Asst. Secretary

Loretta  Dean - Secretary

Delania Laster – Financial Secretary

Richard Williams - Treasurer

Julia Mae Williams – Asst. Secretary




Started in 2015, Coffeeville One Community (COC) is a certified 501 (c) (3) organization dedicated to promoting community involvement and improving existing programs in Coffeeville, Alabama. COC is a subsidiary of the Clarke County Development Foundation (CCDF), that has a mission to facilitate community and economic development to improve the quality of life for residents of Clarke County, Alabama.

COC is a committee of organized citizens coming together with representation from across the spectrum of race, religion, and socioeconomic backgrounds for the purpose of community development to initiate discussions about what could be done to generate growth in our small rural community Coffeeville, AL and the surrounding area.

In February 2015, a small group of concerned citizens met, Coffeeville, AL, and the surrounding area. It was decided at that time that like many of the communities in Clarke County we would begin with a Celebration of pride and support for Coffeeville, in the form of a Coffeeville Day Celebration. During the planning of the 2nd Annual Coffeeville Day the committee concluded that more needed to be done, our purpose needed to be better defined, hence the establishment of Coffeeville One Community Committee.

The impact of the Coffeeville One Community Committee has been realized through fund-raising. These efforts on our community have far exceeded our expectations. Cooperative efforts to rebuild our community are welcomed. As a unified community we are in support of the council’s efforts to bring industry to Coffeeville. To include but not limited to an elementary school, a career training program, a financial institution, (credit union or bank), a grocery store, a pharmacy as well as some type of manufacturing company to enhance employment opportunities within the Coffeeville community. While our primary focus is presently on the access to the education system for children, we are confident that the long-term effect will ensure improved quality of life within Clarke County and the Coffeeville Community.

Support Us / Get Involved

Can’t attend regular meetings, but want to help, that’s great! You can help in several ways by donating food, prizes, raffle items, or a little of your time. Many of our events would not be possible without the help of a host of people - local churches, community organizations, families and individuals willing to volunteer.

The annual “Coffeeville Day” is an opportunity to help with establishing the children’s corner, refereeing volleyball, face painting, being a Bingo caller, and the list goes on. If you or your group has special skills - carpentry, decorating, quilting, baking, sewing, etc. - please give us a call and let us know you are willing to help with future projects or events.

Certainly, everyone can get involved by attending Coffeeville Trade Days, Coffeeville Day, or the Christmas Gala.  Visit the vendors! Enjoy the event!  Support the community!  Also please remember we will be happy to put your tax-deductible donation to good use for the Coffeeville community!

It Takes a Village

Coffeeville One Community (COC) is extremely grateful for the support that has been received from the community and those listed below who have all helped Coffeeville One Community realize its many goals. Our hope is to build a network of supporters because working together, all things are possible.

  • Clarke County Development Foundation

  • Clarke County Parks & Recreation Fdn.

  • Coffeeville Town Council

  • The Thomas L. Turner Foundation

  • Tarina A. Whitfield

  • Walmart

  • The Times Democrat

  • The Alabamian

  • Bethel Baptist Church

  • Cedar Point Baptist Church

  • Center Point Baptist

  • Church of the Living God

  • Coffeeville United Methodist

  • First Baptist Church

  • Hwy 84 Church of Christ

  • New Faith Baptist Church

  • New Prospect Baptist

  • New Union Baptist Church

  • Rock Bar Baptist

  • Ulcanush Baptist Church

  • Union Baptist Church

  • Union Grove Baptist

  • West Bend Baptist


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