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Coffeeville is located on the Tombigbee River in northwest Clarke County in the southwest corner of Alabama. It has a mayor-city council form of government. Alabama State Highway 69 runs north-south through the town, to the northwest, County Road 31 runs northwest, and U.S. Highway 84 bisects the town running roughly east-west. Elected officials include a mayor and five council members, and utilities board that is made up of seven members.

The earliest settlers appeared in the Coffeeville area as early

as the late eighteenth century. By 1808, the settlement, a flourishing river

town, was called Murrell's Landing, after early settler William Murrell.

In 1819, the town was renamed Coffeeville, in honor of General John

Coffee, a hero of the Creek War of 1813. A town plat was drawn up on

November 19, 1819; six days later the state legislature approved

articles of incorporation for Coffeeville. Early settlers surrounding

the town either farmed or worked in the timber industry. Goods

were shipped to and from Mobile by riverboat. A stagecoach route

ran through town, and travelers crossed the Tombigbee River by

ferry. After the civil war, Coffeeville continued to thrive, reaching a

population of 1,683 in the 1880 census. 

The Coffeeville Lock and Dam was constructed on the Tombigbee

between 1956 and 1960, and was dedicated in 1961. In 1960, the Jim

Folsom Bridge (pictured above) was constructed over the Tombigbee River, replacing the ferry service.

Coffeeville is known for its excellent hunting and fishing. Coffeeville Lake is the third largest lake in the Black Warrior and Tombigbee system with a surface area of 8,800 acres. The U.S. Army Corp of Engineers operates and maintains a modern campground located just two miles west of town. Approxmimately 25,000 campers, from all over the United States, visit the Service Park each year. Coffeeville is also home to the Coffeeville Lock & Dam. The Lock & Dam locks hundreds of commercial vessels each year, seeing all types of products such as coal, wood, steel, gas, oil, chemicals and many more. The lock also sees hundreds of recreational vessels each year. There are several boat ramps close by for fishermen and water enthusiast to utilize. Coffeeville is on the state birding trail. The cypress swamps along the river near Coffeeville may reward birders with an active heronry during the spring and summer. Waders can be seen throughout the year. Among other species found at various times include Northern bobwhite, the Mississippi kite and osprey.

General John Coffee

General John Coffee


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