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Coffeeville Community Board, Inc.

For a Stronger Community


Ben Harper | Brady Kiel  | Jenny Pope

P.O. Box 10, Coffeeville, AL 36524 |

Coffeeville Community Board, Inc. is a non-profit corporation that consists of a strong, committed, board of directors. The corporation is a charitable organization created to channel volunteerism and monetary support for the Coffeeville Community.

The mission of the CCB, Inc. is to help develop educational, art and other community activities  and events which promote economic development and enhance the quality of life for the Coffeeville community. 

     Our vision is to build a healthy, safe, and thriving community in which to live and work.

     Our purpose is to help build a stronger, vibrant community by making a difference in the lives of the children
     and adults we serve.


  • Support community activities and and events that promote literary, cultural, and educational growth.

  • Improve and revitalize the community center. 

  • Market the community to attract business and tourist.

  • Promote volunteer involvement.

  • Create recreational opportunities and appreciation for a rural life.

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