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Annie Latham

Annie Latham

Ms. Latham serves as the

  • Town Clerk,

  • Utility Clerk, and

  • Court Clerk/Magistrate

Town Clerk 

The chief election official, responsible for keeping all town records, certifying actions of the Mayor/Council, making official reports, collecting fees, preparing draft agendas or bylaws for town or city council carrying out specific mandated laws and many other municipal related duties.


Utility Clerk

Handles a wide range of tasks on a daily basis including answering customer service calls to processing payments or invoices,  maintaining records related to customer accounts, billing cycles, etc.


Court Clerk/Magistrate

Prepare docket of cases to be called, secure information for judges and court,answer official correspondence, keep fiscal records and accounts,  collect fees, issue arrest warrants, sets bail.


Let me know if you have questions. I am here to help!


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