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Public Safety

Public safety refers to the well-being and protection of everyone in the community. It is the responsibility of the government to ensure that people are safe from harm and danger. This includes things like preventing crime, responding to emergencies, and making sure that buildings and roads are safe to use.



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Coffeeville Police

Joe Allen.jpeg

Joe Allen

Patrol Officer

Patrick Champion.jpeg

Patrick Champion

Chief of Police
(334) 212-1291

Jimmy Thickpen.jpeg

Jimmy Thigpen

Patrol Officer

Crime Prevention & Intervention
Tip Line

Please use the Coffeeville police "Tip Line" or email to prevent or allow for intervention of a crime. "If you see something say something" All tips are confidential!! Please send all tips to the email listed below the Chief of Police reference above. Thank you!

Coffeeville Volunteer Fire Department
Fire Fighting Equipment
Fire Dog
Patrol Car
Coffeeville Police Force
Chief of Police
Joe Allen
Joe Thigpen
Coffeeville Police Force
Coffeeville Police Force
Coffeeville Police Force

Coffeeville Volunteer Firefighters

5 Spring St, Coffeeville, AL 36524
P.O. Box 87

Coffeeville Volunteer Fire Department is located in Coffeeville, Alabama. This organization primarily operates in the fire department, volunteer business / industry within the Justice, Public Order and Safety sector. This organization has been certified for 42 years, since October 1981. Coffeeville Volunteer Fire Department has 24 volunteer fireman at this single location.

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