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Town Council

The council is the legislative branch. The council has authority over the finances and property of the municipality. The council establishes policies, passes ordinances, sets tax levels, determines what sorts of services the municipality will offer and has authority over all other legislative aspects of municipal government.

Dwight Pugh

Dwight L. Pugh

Mayor & Fire Chief

Present - November 2024

Brent Fuller

Brent Fuller

District 1, Seat 3

Present - November 2024

Ben Harper

Ben F. Harper

District 1, Seat 1

Present - November 2024

Bessie Thomas

Bessie P. Thomas

District 2, Seat 1, Mayor Pro Tem

Present - November 2024

Jenny Pope

Jenny R. Pope

District 1, Seat 2

Present - November 2024

Placeholder for Ambra Thigpen

Ambra T. Thigpen

District 2, Seat 2

Present - November 2024




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