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Dwight Pugh

Dwight L. Pugh


Chief of  the Volunteer Fire Department

November 2017 - October 2024

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The Office of Mayor

The mayor serves as the head of the executive branch. As such, the mayor is responsible for overseeing the day-to-day operations of the municipality. He/She oversees municipal employees, makes sure that bills are paid on time, executes municipal contracts and, in general, performs many of the same functions as a CEO of a private corporation. Section 11-43-81, Code of Alabama 1975.

*In municipalities of less than 12,000 inhabitants, the mayor also presides over council meetings and serves as a member of the council. In these cities and towns, the mayor may vote on any issue before the council, introduce measures and participate in debates to the same extent as members of the council. Section 11-43-42, Code of Alabama 1975.

My Story

I have served the citizens of Coffeeville for 22 years in the capacity of councilman for 16 years and mayor for 6 years. I have also served as a member of Coffeeville Fire and Rescue for past 26 years.


In 2001 I was appointed to the council to fill the remainder of a term left vacant. In 2008 I was appointed Mayor Pro-Tem and in 2017 appointed Mayor to fill the remainder of the term left vacant. I have enjoyed serving the citizens of Coffeeville, listening to their concerns and needs and working with other members of the council to help fulfill those needs. My goal is to see Coffeeville continue to grow. The council and I are continuously recruiting businesses to locate here.

I am a member of Coffeeville Baptist Church. I have been married for 30 years to Angela Robertson Pugh and we have two children, Noah Pugh and Tiffany Pugh and one granddaughter. My door is always open to listen to the citizens of Coffeeville. Thank you for trusting me to serve as a councilman and mayor.


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